Our Leading Team

Vast Experience For Fast Momentum

Our team has lived in the entrepreneurial and corporate trenches. We understand combining imagination with discipline. We have the experienced capacity to look for the unknown, to infuse a fresh perspective, and to dial in quickly.

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Suzanne has tackled every facet of a starting and growing businesses; in the process she has worn every hat from idea generator to CEO. This unique experience brings the ability to work inside any size and type of business with an understanding that academics doesn’t offer.

While working with corporate executives and business owners, Suzanne saw consistent issues throughout companies of every size. These include a lack of communication activities that uncover opportunities and potentially damaging issues, no effective process to rapidly solve known problems, advertising and marketing that fall short, inefficient sales activities based on selling instead of serving, and cultures that don’t foster open communication and entrepreneurial mindsets.

Suzanne has built multiple businesses of her own and worked with companies around the globe. She has extensive experience in nurturing human capital, business development, innovation, creating communication cultures, digital marketing, problem-solving, sales processes, and startups. More importantly, she has helped corporate executives and business owners create stellar results impacting bottom line profit, growth goals, improved processes, functioning teams, and far more.

“Every problem has a solution
when you know how to ask the right questions.”

Suzanne’s first venture was a medical products company started in Clearwater, FL with a physician business partner. She negotiated a $500K manufacturing contract in order to create an inventory of products with no upfront money. In less than 30 days, before closing on a seed round of venture capital, Suzanne negotiated multiple signed contracts for nationwide sales and distribution. Just a short 21 months later that business was successfully sold to Ballard Medical Products (later acquired by Kimberly-Clark).

In 2008 Suzanne developed the Synergy Conversation methodologies and has passionately helped clients advance with these, and other, innovative solutions. She has played a role in the success of countless startups, small businesses, nonprofits, and large corporations, including projects for Walgreens and The Four Seasons.

As a side note, in the mid-90s Suzanne wrote and self-published Inventing for Wealth, with a Foreword by world-renowned businessman Tony Robbins. She also appeared in Tony’s “Personal Power” television program as a success story.



Liat is a keynote speaker, body language expert, and advanced empowerment and leadership trainer. She works with corporations, universities, and individuals; clients have included Lockheed Martin, Hyatt, Precision, Arizona State University, Colgate University, and San Jose University, to name a few.

For over twenty years Liat has helped employees, students, and individual clients through interactive workshops and coaching. Clients learn to expand communication and leadership skills, navigate past challenges and experiences, increase motivation, enhance creativity, and positively change how they relate to themselves and others.

“Everything is meaningless
except for the meaning we give it.”

Liat is the creator of a body language flash card kit and a body language phone app for fast learning and quick reference. Upon hearing of her BA in Psychology and Child Development from SJSU, she was hired by Bay Area PRIDE (Prevention, Resource, Information, and Drug Education) to create interactive workshops for teens at risk. She also received her Empowerment and Leadership Coaching certification from IPEC (Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching).

In 2021 Liat made a permanent move, along with her husband and two dogs, from San Jose, California to Tampa, FL. The move was sparked by her long-time friendship and business relationship with Suzanne Duret, who first hired Liat in 2012 to participate as a speaker for her women’s event. Together they enjoy training clients on emotional well-being, workplace stress, perceptions and attitudes, leadership, body language and micro expressions, and confidence skills.

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Lisa is the award-winning advertising agency creative director best known for the long-running Wait’ll We Get Our Hanes on You campaign that disrupted an industry category and transformed plain white underwear into America’s favorite casual fashion brand.

In her over two decades of agency experience that began on Madison Avenue and included 11 years in Paris, France, Lisa created and led national and international campaigns for IBM, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, and many more.

A quick study in any industry category, Lisa specializes in “translating” innovation (including IT, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Agile, Design Thinking and other complex topics) into relatable human messages, and rapidly distilling a high volume of information down to its essence. Brands impacted include Intel, Chevrolet, Capital One Bank, Samsung Electronics, the RSA Cybersecurity Conference, and many more. She has also helped shape the messages of thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Laurel Langemeier.

“We can only get somewhere
when we truly ‘get’ each other.”

As a brand strategist, visual facilitator and speaker/trainer, Lisa uses a combination of words and drawings, as well as brand storytelling frameworks, to help organizations see and talk about their customers, products, culture, and stories in ways that foster innovation, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

Lisa’s talks on Brand Storytelling and on Doodling for Communication have been featured at the Adobe 99U Conference, the Backend of Innovation Conference, and at Merck’s Product Manager Day. She is also a published New Yorker cartoonist, an award-winning screenwriter, and a featured author and illustrator in several best-selling books. A native New Yorker, Lisa is usually the fastest talker in any room.



Gary attended one of the world’s first International World Wide Web Conferences. Since then he has spent a lifetime developing and implementing cutting edge IT platforms, software development, web-based and digital strategies for lead and sales conversion, complex online sales funnels, CRM management, growth tactics, and everything in-between.

Gary was responsible for designing and directing implementation of the first successful B2B e-commerce solution within the computer distribution industry. This was an e-commerce sales application for Intelligent Electronics (later acquired by Ingram Micro) that generated $2 million per day in sales via the Internet, at an 8x cost savings.

Utilizing his innovative mindset, Gary managed the design and deployment of a live e-commerce production environment for Celestial Seasonings tea manufacturer. He also worked with Boston Market to streamline their customer satisfaction processes.

“Behind every innovative success are conversations
with the right mix of people.”

Historic times… Gary had the thrill of working with Apple and Steve Jobs back when Steve still wore flip-flops to the office. In addition, he had the opportunity to work with Tim Cook before Tim became CEO of Apple. Gary was also heavily pursued by Microsoft but chose to stay with his kids instead of relocating away from them. (Fascinating back-story on Gary’s conversation with Bill Gates).

Throughout the years Gary has contributed to the success of countless companies. He’s deployed several successful e-commerce and software development engagements, including helping a start-up insurance company get their infrastructure implemented over the web.

Gary loves to find solutions for technical and logistical issues, online marketing efforts, new product offerings, and any challenge you can throw at him.



In 1996 Dallas bought his first business and sold it three years later for a 2610% increase above purchase. Over the years he became immersed in growing his own companies while helping other business owners and corporate executives create rapid results through their sales methods, genius identification, and marketing initiatives.

His true love; Dallas has been helping businesses grow through adaptive and dynamic sales communication. He’s invested the past 25 years learning how to rapidly stimulate growth by helping others answer: “How can I most potently impact others?” and “How am I a genius?” while then connecting these ‘power stacks’ throughout an organization.

“All things are figureoutable without exception, IF you accept that
creative questions and adaptive communication can change everything.”

In 2002 Dallas began working with corporations and universities that included The Ohio State University, Discover Card Financial, Nationwide Insurance, Abercrombie & Fitch, Proctor & Gamble, and many more.

Dallas has infused his infectious energy into start-ups, corporations, new product launches, and proven products that require a fresh surge with velocity of sales. He’s impacted corporate executives, social media influencers, television celebrities, real estate icons, and international seminar leaders.

Clients experience transformational truths that significantly shift the way sales and marketing can powerfully feed one another once the questions and conversations are strategically shifted.